Meet Our Families


Abby Sayers

Abby was born with an unbalanced single ventricle in May 2019 and has already undergone 2 open heart surgeries. Abby will need continued medical interventions and additional heart surgeries to continue to grow and develop. Abby is the daughter of Brittany Sayers of Waynesville, Ohio. 

Abby is a sweet little girl. While just 6 months old, she already has developed a loving personality. She smiles frequently and loves being with her mama and her older sister Marissa. Abby’s most recent open-heart surgery in October went well and she is recovering nicely. We are excited to say that Abby is currently home with her family as she continues with therapy and outpatient visits.


Evan Strauss


Meet the Strauss Family! Parents Jessica and Ryan are the proud parents of four year old Avery and 2 year old Evan. Evan was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) in 2016. The Strauss family lives in Dayton and receives their care at both Cincinnati and Dayton Children’s Hospitals. 

Evan recently had his 4th open heart surgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and is having complications. The Have a Heart to Save a Heart Foundation would like to rally around this family and help them through this time. Jessica is living in the hospital with Evan and Ryan is working to support the family and visiting as often as he can.

The road to recovery will be a long one and we appreciate your prayers and support for our newest Have a Heart family.


Landon Rosell


Landon is an amazing little boy. In his three short years, he has already been through more than most children. His first open heart surgery was on this sixth day of life with a second following within the same year. Landon routinely has cardiac catheterizations and will need another open-heart surgery in the coming year. Since his birth, Landon has incurred millions of dollars in medical expenses and the family has spent tens of thousands of dollars out of packet for his treatments and care including medical expenses, travel, prescriptions, etc. While he is stable and at home with his family now, we know he has a long road ahead of him.